Stress and Time Management

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Level: N/A
Who should attend?: All staff
Duration: 1-day (08:30 – 16:30)
Cost: PE – R1 700 pp | CPT & POL – R1 820 | JHB & DBN – R 1 950


To assist all employees in their use and distribution of time as a valuable tool in the workplace. Never has humanity had so much to do with so little time available. It is estimated that the 2017 employee processes more information in a 24 hour period than their 1901 counterpart did in a year. Empowering our teams with the knowledge of how to use their time in a focused and wise manner is most probably the most valuable business tool we can give them.

Course Content:

Identify Why you Want More Time
Can this course effect real change for you?Challenging Your Own Mindset
What keeps us where we are?
Overcoming Barriers to Tasks
Correlation between stress, ownership and time management with illustrative exercises.Wish List and Personal Goals
Goal setting made real. Theoretical and practical approach to goal setting.Identify How You Spend Your Time
Gaining a realistic understanding of where our time is currently allocated.Identify Simple Time Wasters / Week
Practical analysisIdentify the Role of Time Thieves
Taking charge over the tools at our disposal instead of being their slave

Identify Areas of Synergy
Practical analysis around multitasking

Urgent and Important
Understand the importance of prioritising

How to Use the Time Matrix Effectively
Practical exercise on prioritising

De-stressing at Work
Understanding your stressors and taking action

Identify Paths of Completion
How to effectively complete time lines and their benefit

A simple Project Management Approach
A clear and practical exercise in project management

Clear Communication
How to destress interpersonal interactions with in depth exercises

Additional Tips
Relevant ideas easily implemented

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