Leading Change

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Level: Junior to middle management
Who should attend?: Supervisors, Managers, Team Leaders
Duration: 2-days (08:30 – 12:30)
Cost: from R3 400 per delegate


To understand the importance of strategically leading change in an organisation. Ineffective change management leads to a breakdown of strategy which in turn impacts negatively on the outcome. From a leadership perspective the specific circumstances that go along with change need to be identified, understood and effectively addressed.

Course Content:

How “change management” assists in achieving sustainable trading results

Why and when change management is necessary

Preparing for Change

Establishing your strategy and building the team
Common Reasons for Resistance to change
Building support through highlighting the WIIFM

A model for effective change on an individual level and the management thereof within groups

Modelling change on proven theory
Clearing, Programming, Processing

Leading and Managing the Change

Preparation and Planning
Communication Lines
Coping with resistance

Identifying inherent risks in any change management strategy

Keeping a risk register
Gathering Data
Addressing concerns and issues
Evaluating and Adapting the register

Positive Management

Leading the status meetings
Celebration of Success
Sharing of results

Getting the Buy-in

Deal with the emotions
Deal with the data
Give people support (assist with resiliency)

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