How to Lead a Team to Productivity

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Level: Junior to middle management
Who should attend?: Supervisors, Managers, Team Leaders
Duration: ½-day (08:30 – 12:30)
Cost: from R 1 400 per delegate


The purpose of this workshop is to explain the concept of motivation and its importance in enhancing performance levels. Explaining and applying theories of motivation in a leadership context.

Explain techniques to enhance self-motivation and leadership performance and apply strategies to motivating others in a leadership context.

Course Content:

Understanding what motivation and de-motivation is and how these impact on productivity
A brief look at the human psyche and what motivates us

How to measure your team’s motivation levels
What tools do we use to measure because if we don’t measure we cannot track

Understanding some of the theories of motivation
Working with these theories in a practical way, Converting motivational theories to action, creating an environment conducive to feedback, growth, motivation and empowerment

Understanding the trigger points for conflict, and how to encourage emotional intelligence and self mediation amongst the team
Addressing the five conflict handling modes using varying scales of assertiveness and co=operation all in the interest of improving the team productivity

Understanding your responsibilities as a role model
Understanding the meaning of ethical leadership and walking the talk, why it is important and how our behaviour as leaders is perceived

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