Developing Your Management Potential III

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Level: Middle to senior management
Who should attend?: Managers, Team Leaders
Duration: 1-day (08:30 – 16:30)
Cost: PE – R1 700 pp | CPT & POL – R1 820 | JHB & DBN – R 1 950


This course is designed to up-skill managers in their role in developing and a department and/or company concentrating on further tools of measurement and methodologies. It works well as a follow up to its two predecessors. The focus on this management training workshop is on providing theories to improve vision and decision making.
The ideal delegates are in a management or team leadership position and have had attended our, or other management courses.

Course Content:

The McKinsey 7S Framework
Working with this framework to analyse the full functionality of your company or department. Practical examples of how to use the model beneficially and how to avoid the pitfalls

Using Scenario Planning to assist strategic decision making
Understanding the what if and the possibilities and using the matrix to flesh out the possibilities. Putting it into practice

The Balanced Scorecard
Enabling the manager to get a rounded and balanced view of the organisation or department, measuring what counts. Analysing various scorecards and identifying courses of action

The Service Profit Chain
Enabling you to identify the drivers of profitability in a service environment, diagnose problems with customer retention and employee morale. Identifying the course of action once diagnosis has been completed

The Fishikawa
Using this drill down method to identify the root cause of problems and then move to solution finding

 Management Podcast – Cellular or Holistic?

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