Coaching and Mentoring

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Level: Supervisory to management
Who should attend?: Supervisors, Managers, Team Leaders
Duration: 2-days (08:30 – 16:30)
Cost: from R3 400 per delegate


This workshop is for supervisors and team leaders, the main aim is to assist them with coaching their team to success in a collaborative fashion.

Leaders who are able to coach rather than instruct are able to develop more positive teams and tend to do particularly well when leading Generation Y and in a team’s leadership position.

Course Content:

Introduction and History of Coaching
A brief history of what coaching is about

Definition(s) of Coaching
A definition of the concept of coaching

The Value of Coaching
Understanding why we want to coach and collaborate

Important Principles of Coaching
Understanding the basic but important principles of coaching ensuring long term benefits

The Qualities of a Great Coach
What makes a coach

Key Skills That Every Coach Need to Succeed
Identifying and working with these skills

Creating the Coaching Relationship
Coaching is not a quick fix – great relationships need to be built

Understanding Beliefs and Behaviours
Once we hone the individual strengths, the team is able to perform

Identify Areas of Development in Your Team
How to point out development areas and agree on the benchmarks

Choosing the Right Tool(s) for the Job
As with any job, the right tools simply make it easier

Understand and Follow the Coaching Process
Understanding the sustainability

Recognising and Rewarding Behaviour
Engage with your team

Engaging Your Agents Through Social Media
What impact Social Media has on our lives today

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