Assertiveness Training

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Level: Supervisory, junior to middle management
Who should attend?: All supervisors, junior and middle management
Duration: 1-day (08:30 – 16:30)
Cost: PE – R1 700 pp | CPT & POL – R1 820 | JHB & DBN – R 1 950


Management training and supervisor training underpins the success of every company. Very few companies fail because the workers did not do their jobs correctly. Most teams, departments and organisations fail because the management and leadership failed to do their jobs correctly. Management training delivers exceptional ROI. The question you have to ask is, ‘Can we afford not to do this?’

Course Content:

The Definition of Assertiveness
Understanding what assertiveness is and what it is not

Assertiveness vs. Unassertiveness and Aggression
Identifying behaviours and body language of the above communication styles

How Unassertive Behaviour Manifests
Recognising the situations where we tend to be unassertive and how these translate to daily behaviours and habits

The Consequences of Not Being Assertive
How being unassertive impacts on career, lives, jobs and those around us

How Assertive Behaviour Manifests
The positive results of assertive behaviour

Changing Others By Changing Yourself
Recognising your power and sphere of influence

Recognising the Choice of Victim or Victor
Finding the positive and the CAN do in the situation

Understanding People
Recognising the different personality types and their communication styles

Body Language
Reading it, understanding it, using it

Techniques for Building Assertiveness
4 basic techniques, Physical, Saying No in Different Ways, Broken Record, DESC, Fogging

How to give and how to receive

Working Towards Good Confidence
Recognising that being more assertive needs continual work and mindfulness

Assertiveness Podcast – The Main Form of Communication

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